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How Softwashing Compares to Pressure Washing: Which is Right for You?


At NW Softwash, we understand the importance of selecting the right cleaning method for your exterior surfaces. Every home is unique, and we aim to provide tailored cleaning solutions to meet your specific needs. Let's explore the differences between soft washing and pressure washing to help you determine the best fit for your requirements.

Softwashing: Gentle Cleaning for All Exterior Surfaces

Softwashing is our gentle approach to cleaning, utilizing low-pressure water and eco-friendly solutions to safely remove dirt, algae, moss, and mold from a variety of surfaces including asphalt, tile, metal, stucco, wood, and vinyl siding. Here's why soft washing might be the ideal choice for you:

  • Surface Protection: Our method is designed to preserve all surfaces, particularly delicate ones, by avoiding damage caused by high-pressure water.
  • Effective Results: Our specialized solutions and gentle rinsing ensure thorough and long-lasting cleanliness.
  • Warranty-Backed Service: All our softwash services are backed by a warranty, providing you with peace of mind when hiring our company.

Pressure Washing: Power for Tough Stains and Algae

Pressure washing, also known as power washing, utilizes high-pressure water to tackle tough stains on durable surfaces like concrete and brick. Here's why pressure washing might suit your needs:

  • Stain Busting Power: Our pressure washers effectively blast away stubborn grime, grease, and stains, leaving surfaces like concrete, stone, and brick looking refreshed.
  • Versatility: From driveways to sidewalks, pressure washing handles a variety of surfaces with ease.
  • Time Efficiency: Say goodbye to lengthy cleaning sessions; pressure washing gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Our technicians assist with this process by applying light detergents to break down mold and algae, speeding up the cleaning process and brightening hard surfaces.

Choosing Your Cleaning Method

When deciding between soft washing and pressure washing, consider the following factors:

  • Surface Type: Soft washing is ideal for delicate surfaces, while pressure washing is best for durable surfaces like concrete, stone, and brick.
  • Stain Severity: Soft washing is suitable for light to moderate stains, while heavy staining on hard surfaces often requires pressure washing.
  • Customer Trusted: NW Softwash has been serving the local Clark County and Portland Metro Area for over 4 years, garnering over one thousand five-star reviews on Google. We take pride in our gentle and efficient cleaning services and guarantee our service with a smile!

In conclusion, when you contact NW Softwash for a quote, we will discuss all the details with you to ensure your needs are met with a detailed custom cleaning quote. Contact us today to schedule your next cleaning appointment and experience the difference for yourself!